Yoga Retreat Norway

  • National Parc Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella
  • Åmotan falls
  • Living area of the moose, reindeer and musk ox
  • Yoga outdoors
  • hiking trips
  • Enthusiastic guidance
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Yoga Nature Pilgrimage Retreat Norway
7-day “yoga nature & hiking experience” In cooperation with yoga teacher Daphne Koken, Abel Reizen offers this special hut tour where hiking and yoga come together in the unspoilt nature of Norway. Enjoy the peace and space of the Norwegian fjells (mountains) and experience nature in a unique way during this yoga nature & hiking experience. Open all your senses, recharge yourself through the combination of silence and movement, and enjoy all the beauty that yoga and Norway have to offer.

Yoga outdoors
Every morning we start with an energetic yoga session in the open air. Daphne guides these sessions that prepare you for the walks in which yoga is always central in a surprising way. Experience how the essence of yoga and the elements of nature come together. Meditations at the end of the day give you the opportunity to integrate all your experiences. Come back rested and full of energy, ready for the summer.

The hut tour
From the mountain village of Oppdal you can walk with a small group in 5 days through the mountain landscape from Dovrefjell National Park to Sunndalsøra. The rugged landscape is characterized by round, worn-out mountain tops, rivers and green valleys with deep waterfalls and a great diversity of alpine plants. The daily walks of 5 to 15 km are alternated with “yoga nature rituals” at unique locations in the middle of nature. The nights are varied and take place in a manned mountain hut on top of the mountain, a classic British estate that serves as a hut for hikers, but also in a mountain farm on the mighty Åmotan waterfalls. Every day the environment changes: waterfalls, rivers and forests alternate with high mountains and rugged terrain clear lakes.

The Norwegian fjells (mountains) are challenging and that means that you have to wear good hiking boots for grip while walking. The day trips are a maximum of 1,000 meters in height and generally last no longer than 5 hours. A reasonable to good basic condition is a requirement. Yoga experience is not a requirement.

During the summer months it is wonderful walking weather with temperatures around 14 to 18 degrees Celsius. Good wind and rain gear is advisable to protect you against the changeable weather conditions. At night it can cool down considerably, so good thermal clothing is recommended. Stay The overnight stays are in 2 or 4 person rooms. Would you like a private room? Then inquire about the options and take extra costs into account.

About Daphne
Daphne is a vinyasa yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance who shares her love for yoga and nature in a creative, playful and “down to earth” way. Whether you are just starting out with yoga, or have been doing it for a while; her intention is to let everyone experience the flow of Prana (life energy) in their own way and to experience a feeling of freedom, power and relaxation. Nature and the elements are her greatest source of inspiration and in addition to her regular lessons she also takes people also like to join nature in her ‘Yoga Nature Retreats’. In the Netherlands she leads her own 200-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training together with a team of experts and she also provides advanced vinyasa training for teachers who want to delve further into this beautiful form of yoga.

Dates: 27th August – 2th September
Price: indication 1.250 euros p.p.
Included: overnight stays full board, guidance and yoga nature hikes
Arrange it yourself: transport to and from day 1 accommodation, daypack, travel and cancellation insurance.
Supervision: Daphne Koken and Daan Remijnse
Group size: 8 – 10 people
Training Daphne: http://www.daphnekokenyoga.com


Yoga in Norway

A unique experience. Outdoor yoga with a view of mountains, rivers, forests and lakes. Yoga around our home-made fire and while walking. Get to know yoga in a different way, not on your mat, but just where you are.

Åmotan Waterfalls

The mighty Åmotan waterfalls originate from 4 different rivers that flow into a deep gorge. From the stay at the gorge, the Jenstad mountain farm, you can take a circular walk with stunning views of the falls. The water comes from the mountain plateau and clatters hundreds of meters down. Along the way you will pass old farms and you will pass a suspension bridge.

Wildlife and plants

The region is rich in various wild animals. The Norwegian “Big Three” with the musk ox, the reindeer and the moose can be spotted here. The dangerous-looking musk ox walks around in herds on the wide mountain plateau and is harmless to humans. Dovrefjell is the only habitat in Europe where they live in the wild. An introduction to reindeer, the shy moose or the arctic fox are also a wonderful experience. In addition, the region is known for the rich diversity of mountain plants and the high quality of the water. The water from the streams and rivers can be drunk during the walk.


Vangshaugen is an estate at an altitude of 740 meters in the green valley on a lake. Surrounded by the Sunndalen mountains, this is a beautiful location where you will stay 2 nights. The main wooden building was built in 1910 by Lord Ethelbert-Philip in an English landscape style. In 1934 the estate was donated to the municipality of Kristiansund and the Norwegian trekking association “Nordmøre Trekking Association” and since then the house has functioned as a residence for hikers. The original furniture and many classical ornaments are still present. The house has 2 floors and within a common room with a fireplace.

The photos are from the trip that took place in August 2018.


The overnight stays are in 2 to 6 person rooms in various accommodations along the route. You will spend the night in the Bjerkeløkkja estate near Oppdal (day 1 and 2), a classic British estate Vangshaugen on top of the mountains (days 3 and 4), a mountain hut of the Norwegian hiker association DNT (day 5) and a cabin in the Sunndalen valley (day 6) where a number of spacious cabins are set up in the middle of the wilderness. Blankets and bed linen are provided in all rooms, only for the night in the mountain huts it is necessary to bring your own linen bag.

Abel Reizen - Unieke reizen naar Scandinavië. Routes voor auto- en fietsreizen naar Noorwegen en Zweden


  • full board
  • Transfers
  • Yoga nature hikes


  • Getting to Oppdal
  • Backpack
  • Travel insurance
Abel Reizen - Unieke reizen naar Scandinavië. Routes voor auto- en fietsreizen naar Noorwegen en Zweden
  • Number of persons
  • 1
  • Prijs
  • € 1.250
Meditation in the morning
Hike in the mountains
Yoga outdoors
Åmotan falls

Yoga Retreat Norway

  • Norway
  • 7 days
  • max. 10 View persons
  • August 27th to 2th September 2020
  • starting from €
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