Visit of the highest mountain cabin in Sweden, Låktåtjakko

Whizzing over the white snow fields into the mountains I feel the immense power of my snowmobile. I feel like a 16-year-old giving full throttle for the first time on his scooter. Every turn I use my body weight to keep track and follow the group to Låktåtjakko. Despite the extremely low temperature, around -25 degrees, I am not cold. If it doesn’t get through the heavy pack, then it will be the adrenaline that keeps me warm.

On to Låktåtjakko

The guide stops first and points somewhere. Through the visor of the helmet I see a snowplow, next to the mountain hut Låktåtjakko. Here is the highest mountain hut in Sweden at 1,228 meters. Without shelter in the icy wind and almost buried under meters of snow. This is a place where you don’t want to get lost. No matter how many episodes you have seen of Bear Grylls.


9 km away is Björkliden. The closest village to the huge Tornetrask lake. The village has a train station, ski cabins and a shop where the 33 residents do their shopping. Lapland Resorts offers an overnight stay in the mountain hut as an activity. Once inside you step into a completely different world. With 10 rooms, a sauna and a small but good restaurant, this is a pleasant surprise. The heavy gear and helmet go off and we drop on a wooden chair in a warm room with a cozy intimate atmosphere. Dated black-and-white photos tell the visitors a story about the history. Guests eat sweet waffles with strong coffee and the guide keeps an eye on the weather. We stay for an hour to warm up and to immerse ourselves in the history of the cabin. Unfortunately we do not stay for dinner. A delicious 3-course menu with regional ingredients. On the snowmobiles we drive through the National Park back to civilization. The region has 13 of the highest mountains in the country, of which the Kebnekaise mountain is the highest with 2,103 meters and more than 100 glaciers. The snow is perfect for skiing and the region is popular with the Swedes and Norwegians for a winter holiday. Photo: Henrik Trygg, visit Sweden

Author: D. Remijnse

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