Tips spending the winter in Lapland

The popularity of a winter holiday in Lapland has increased considerably in recent years. Adventurous activities in combination with seeing the northern lights make a journey to the north a unique experience. Cross-country skiing or a dog sled ride during the day and admiring the beautiful polar lights in the evening have a huge attraction for tourists. Would you like to know what the best period is for a winter holiday in Lapland?

Seeing Northern Lights

The best time to see Northern Lights is from October to March. During this time it is dark for a long time and the chance of experiencing this natural phenomenon is greatest. It is also important that it is clear. Clouds, fog and precipitation considerably reduces the chance of seeing the northern lights. Furthermore, avoid crowded places with lots of light sources and look for open spaces. At many destinations in the north of Scandinavia, around the polar circle, the polar lights are clearly visible. Dress warmly with lots of layers and be patient.

Climate and landscape

Lapland is located largely north of the polar circle and has a tundra climate. The dark days and the low temperatures are a barrier for many people to go there. But is it really that cold? Due to the warm gulf stream on the coast and the relatively low terrain, this is better than expected given the northern latitude. Where the south of Norway has a mountain landscape, in the north there is more a hilly landscape of ice fields and glaciers that cover the country. The highest mountain in the north is the Kebnekaise in Sweden of 2,103 meters. In Finnish Lapland that is the Halti with 1,328 meters. Wide valleys, frozen lakes and snow-covered forests characterize the National Parks. January is the coldest month in Lapland and the mercury drops to -12 to -20 degrees Celsius. In March there is already about 7 to 8 degrees warmer and the sun is there again.

Best period?

December is the most popular month among tourists to go on a winter holiday. Many people like to celebrate the holidays at a special destination. This leads to expensive airline tickets and crowds on the slopes. To enjoy an affordable vacation and enough sunlight to be outside during the day, go in February or March. When you book early, you pay less than 400 euros for a return trip and you are in a true fairy tale landscape in a matter of hours. Enjoy the winter!

Photo: Jorgen Wiklund VisitSweden

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