Expedition Kebnekaise 2019

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Pushing boundaries in Swedish Lapland

Climbing Sweden’s highest mountain is an exhausting physical experience. From the green valley at the foot of the mountain you are 1,500 meters away from the top of the Kebnekaise (2,100). Physically and mentally this expedition is an (extreme) challenge. Every participant is confronted with the powers and limitations of body and mind. The elements of nature in Lapland are palpable here. The arctic cold, the clear blue sky and the fresh air that you breathe in are intense and pure during the effort. Physically pushing your limits is abandoning and at the same time it gives confidence and you are enjoying your performance. Find your (inner) power to reach the top here on Kebnekaise. Are you ready to push and push your boundaries this summer?

Cabin at 1.800 meter (foto Grapetonix)


The expedition takes place in one of the largest unspoilt natural areas in Europe: Sarek National Park in Sweden. Surrounded by the 8 highest mountains in Sweden and more than 100 glaciers here is the Kebnekaise mountain (2,100 meters). The Swedish wilderness is the habitat of the Sami, the reindeer keepers are the original inhabitants of Lapland and their habitat is spread over northern Scandinavia. The living conditions are extreme north of the polar circle. Approximately 3 months in the year, the area is snow-free and accessible to walkers and other nature lovers. Many hikers have been attracted to Sarek National Park because of the Kungsleden (Koningspad). This is a well-known trail of 450 km that goes from Abisko to Hemavan and traverses 3 National Parks.

Nikkaluokta, entrance Sarek nationaal Park

There are overnight stays in the center of Stockholm, spacious apartments in Nikkaluokta run by Sami family and a manned STF (Svenska TuristFöreningen) mountain hut at a height with views over the vast surroundings at the foot of the mountain. During the summer months it is wonderful walking weather with temperatures around 12 to 18 degrees Celsius. However, it cools down considerably at night, so good thermal clothing and a hat are recommended! The weather can change quickly during the day and especially in the mountains it is important to keep the packing list properly. Extreme weather conditions can be a reason to change the program. The planned period is the end of the summer and it is cooler with daytime temperatures of 8 to 12 degrees on average. The presence of the mountains in the west ensures little rainfall. The sun will rise in the morning around 5:30 by setting again around 20:00, so lots of sunshine!

The accommodation is in 2 to 6 person apartments, cabins and a hotel in Stockholm. The equipment from The Netherlands can be limited to a daypack (max 40 liters), a sleeping bag is not necessary. Bed linen and towels are provided. The travel sum includes full board. The menu consists mainly of regional ingredients such as fish and venison.

day 1 Arrival Stockholm, introduction and dinner
day 2 Nikkaluaokta, floor Sami culture and / or canoe
day 3 Hike 19km to mountain hut (700 meters)
day 4 Climbing Kebnekaise (2,100 meters) under the supervision of the expedition team
day 5 Rest and back to Nikkaluoka
day 6 Arrival Amsterdam

ForteVital and Abel reizen:
The Kebnekaise expedition is a co-creation of ForteVital and Abel travel companies. Founder Jonas Föllmi of ForteVital has been offering expeditions with Powerful Body, Successful Company for several years to conclude a training and coaching program. Daan Remijnse of travel agency Abel Reizen is the organizer and co-executor of the expedition. Daan and Jonas both believe in the power and energy of nature. Together we seek out the adventure in Swedish Lapland to experience the forces of nature and ourselves. Ready for your adventure?

Dates: August 30th to September 4th, 2019
Team: Jonas Föllmi (ForteVital) and Daan Remijnse (Abel reizen)
Group: entrepreneurs looking for a physical challenge
Number of participants: 10 – 15

Get in contact with:
Daan Remijnse (organisator)

Jonas Föllmi (coach en organisator)


Climbing Kebnekaise

The hike to the top of the highest mountain in Sweden and Northern Scandinavia is the highlight of the expedition. On top of the summit it is possible to see up to 10% of Sweden in clear weather. The panoramic views of the highest mountains in the country, the many glaciers and the wide valleys are impressive. The double-headed mountain consists of a southern and a northern summit. The southern summit is full of ice and crampons are needed to climb it. Despite the modest height of the summit, the terrain is alpine. The route from the STFberghut at the foot of the mountain is at an altitude of 700 meters and has steep parts, (loose) boulders and snow fields which makes the hike challenging and tiring. An STF guide will guide the group.


The region is rich in various wild animals. Traditionally, the Sami keep the right to keep and trade reindeer herds. The green wide U-shaped valleys were worn in the past by the Ice Age and now an ideal grazing site for the reindeer. The melt water from the more than 100 glaciers in the mountains flows into the delta of the Ráhpåaädno river. The remote nature area attracts many arctic animal species, the most famous of which are: the brown bear, the lynx, the moose, the reindeer and the arctic fox. In addition, the region is known for the rich diversity of mountain plants and the high quality of the water. The water from the streams and rivers can be drunk during the walk.


  • Expedition team (4 people) consisting of organizers Jonas and Daan with videographer and photographer
  • (safety) material and use crampons
  • 5 nights stay full board
  • Dutch mountaineering membership NKBV
  • Photo album
  • Kayaktrip Nikkaluokta


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Abel Reizen - Unieke reizen naar Scandinavië. Routes voor auto- en fietsreizen naar Noorwegen en Zweden
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  • € 1.995
Kebnekaise Mountain Station
View Kebnekaise
Summit Kebnekaise (2.100)
Room mountain station
Challenging hikes

Expedition Kebnekaise 2019

  • Group trips
  • Sweden
  • 6 days
  • max. 15 View persons
  • August 30th to September 4th 2019
  • starting from €1.995 euro including taxes
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Expedition Kebnekaise 2019

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  • starting from €1.995 euro including taxes
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