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How can I book a trip?
With Abel reizen it is possible to have a tailor-made offer via the website, by telephone and by mail. It is advisable to use the form on the website. Here you will find all relevant information and a step by step guide you can use to compile a trip that suits you. If you still have questions about the journey or details to be filled in, please contact us via the website. Once you agree with a quotation, a confirmation will be sent to the email address you provided, stating what you can expect further until departure.

You have made a reservation, what now?
We will immediately start with contacting the accommodations and any activities and transport companies to check the availability. You will receive a customized quote within 2 weeks. If this satisfies your wishes, you can agree via email. A confirmation email is sent which is also the travel agreement.

The travel agreement further contains the itinerary, the personal data and the dates of your travel. No later than 2 weeks before departure you will receive the travel documents with the details of the reservations, a marked route map, GPX files, a packing list and tips for walks. If an accommodation is fully booked, we will provide an equivalent alternative. Should the alternative be very different and / or incur additional costs, we will first contact you by telephone to present this.

What does STO travel guarantee mean?
In order to comply with the legally required guarantee scheme, Abel reizen makes use of STO travel guarantee on all its package holidays. Foundation Take Over (STO) will make sure in the event of bankruptcy of Abel, depending on the stage of the journey you are in, that you will receive your money back, you can continue your journey, or you can travel home. To be able to realize this, STO uses a third-party payment scheme. As a traveler, you do not pay the travel sum to Abel, but you pay it to Foundation third-party funds Certo Escrow (Stichting DerdengeldenCerto Escrow). Certo Escrow, a payment service provider exempted by the Dutch Central Bank, manages this foundation. If Abel reizen before the end of your trip does not go into suspension of payment or goes bankrupt, your money will be released to Abel 1 day after the end of your trip. Should Abel reizen before the end of your trip go in suspension of payment or go bankrupt then your travel money will go to STO. This way the creditors cannot access your money. If you are not yet traveling, you will receive the paid travel sum back. When you are already on the road, STO will ensure that you receive either the rightful part of your travel sum, that you can complete your journey or that you can return home.

What does VvKR mean?
Abel reizen is affiliated with the Association of Small-scale Travel Organizations (VvKR). This is an association of Dutch travel specialists that offers a platform for small-scale travel organizations and offers support and promotes small tour operators.

Paying the travel sum
After you have received a booking confirmation and invoice from Abel, you will receive an invitation from Certo Escrow by email with a username and password. You will be asked to log in to the secure section of the Certo Escrow website. After confirming the invitation, you can immediately proceed with the payment. If you don’t do internet banking, you can also make a normal bank transfer. Depending on the time of booking, you will receive a request for payment for the down payment and later for payment for the remainder of the travel sum or for payment of the entire travel sum at once if you book shortly before departure. For all bookings the full travel sum must be paid before departure to the Foundation third-party funds Certo Escrow.

What if you want to make a change after booking?
If you want to make changes after booking, it is advisable to do so as soon as possible. We will process the changes and confirm this back to you. If additional costs are incurred, these will be charged. Through the website of Certo Escrow you can cancel the trip and receive the prepaid travel sum (in part), depending on the costs incurred.

What kind of information do I receive before departure?
Approximately 2 weeks before departure you will receive the travel documents from us. This is a package that is sent by mail or post with all relevant information to travel. The travel documents consist of anitinerary with detailed day to day description, the GPX files, a marked route map, reservations for the accommodation (s) and / or activities and / or transport companies such as the ferry.

Do I have to arrange the outbound and return transport myself?
Yes. The travel sum does not include the costs for the outbound and return transport. It is important that you know what you pay for. On the website there is also a page created per trip that describes what is included in the fare, but also what is not included and what is optional. Please read this carefully to avoid misunderstandings. Please note that when booking airline tickets, there are often additional baggage charges and there are special rules and rates for different baggage. If you want to bring your own bike on the aircraft, it is wise to contact the travel agent or transport company to ask for the costs.
Transport companies do not guarantee that your bicycle will arrive undamaged. If there is a stopover you realize that extra time is needed to transfer different luggage such as the bicycle. A stopover of less than an hour therefore entails the risk that the deviating baggage such as bicycles are not checked in on time.

What kind of accommodation is there during the trip?
The accommodations that are included in the trip have been chosen with care. Attention has been paid to the presence of facilities, the geographical location and the contact with the manager. The accommodation is easily accessible and in most cases with a nice view, on the water or just on a mountain. The travel documents describe what you can expect of facilities and the layout of the accommodation. You spend the night in a private room or cabin with privacy. In most cases you have a simple kitchen, bathroom with toilet and shower.

What does a bike trip look like and what kind of terrain is it?
The bike rides go as much as possible on dedicated cycle paths, but it is inevitable that there are parts driven on motorways. As a cyclist, it is important to stand out well for the other road users and to take account of rapidly changing weather conditions for safety reasons. The roads are in good condition and navigation is easy to do with a map and traffic signs. A basic condition where the traveler can cycle about 50 kilometers on a mountain bike daily is a requirement. You are expected to go through the day to day description and be aware of the local rules. In order to arrive on time at the agreed accommodation it is advisable to leave before 11:00.If you expect to arrive later than 18:00, it is advisable to contact the accommodation by phone and to report this to avoid misunderstandings. The bikes are rental bikes from local rental companies and generally equipped with a repair kit, extra tube, pump and a lock. We assume that you are familiar with the most common technical actions that can take place (repair or replace inner tube). It is wise to include the phone number of the rental company in your mobile phone if you need advice. The weather conditions can have a major impact on your holiday experience and experience of the area. As preparation, it is therefore advisable to be aware of the climate of the destination and to bring appropriate clothing.

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