Yoga in Norway

Yoga in Norway, a trekking through the mountains

Day 5 … 6:30 am and I light the campfire. The serene tranquility of the lake and the silence of the valley dominate this morning. There is a morning mist above the lake and the smoothed water is only broken by ripples caused by a rower in the distance. We arrived in Vangshaugen halfway through our journey. A manned cabin built around 1911 by a wealthy Briton and later transferred to the Kristiansund and Nordmøre Trekking Association. The hut serves as a place for hikers and hunters in the mountains of Dovrefjell-Sunndalsøra. We meet each other at the campfire on the lake. The warmth of the fire and the first rays of the day feel pleasant. Daphne starts the practice … we close our eyes and let our thoughts lead.

The idea

The idea must have originated somewhere in 2017. Daphne and I drink a cup of coffee in Haarlem. Set up a yoga trip in Norway! Where the forces of nature are palpable. Many coffees and talk sessions further, the enthusiasm for this journey has grown more and more and we find each other in a passion for untouched Norwegian nature. The elements of earth, water, fire, wind and space form Daphne’s inspiration and are the ingredients of the training. The Yoga Nature Hiking Experience in Norway takes place in the high mountains of southern Norway. Dovrefjell is the destination.

Day 5 … 11 am. As children so happy, we start the hike to the mountain plateau at 1,200 meters in the morning. The goal is Raubergshytta, an unmanned cabin on top of the mountains 14 km away. We leave the lake and feel the first height meters in the legs. The mountain range of round boulders and boulders appears to be ideal for spontaneous training, both physically and mentally. Satisfied and grateful we say goodbye to the green valley and our hiking boots take us to a lunar landscape. Loose boulders, snow-capped mountain peaks, ice-cold lakes and a bleak wind test our perseverance. A steep climb further and the highest point of the route has been reached. The eyes of our adventurous participants move silently in different directions and the wild mountain landscape is fully absorbed. Colored raincoats and matching hats happily move on towards the next cabin that we reach tired but satisfied.

The group is growing towards each other and we are fully enjoying this experience. The journey turns out to be a journey of reflection and relaxation. The views along the way form a mirror of the mind and lead to meaningful questions, and perhaps new insights. Here, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life and work deadlines, we find (again) contact with our inner forces. Obstacles are overcome, boundaries are set and emotions are shared. The inner mind is stimulated well.

Day 7 … 8:30. Our adventure ends here in Sunndalsøra on the fjord. On the bus we still enjoy being together and the environment. More conscious of our inner strengths and natural environment, we return to our busy lives. We bring a piece of Norwegian tranquility forever.

The Yoga Nature Hiking Experience is a co-creation of Urban Nature Yogini Daphne Koken and Norway travel specialist Daan Remijnse.

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