Taking the E-bike on holiday?

On a cycling holiday with the e-bike in Norway

What is the advantage of the e-bike and what should you pay attention to when you go on a cycling holiday? Of the Dutch, 16% now own an electric bicycle who enjoy (daily) pedal assistance. We are willing to pay almost € 2,000 when purchasing a new e-bike, which is more than 3 times as much as a normal bicycle. That the Netherlands is a true cycling country is not only evident from the sales figures, but also from the discussions with international holiday cyclists. Not only do we cycle all over the world, our country itself also has a well-maintained infrastructure: the LF routes are known to long-distance cyclists and the routes are well marked. The foreigners therefore also enjoy cycling in the Netherlands. You can’t get lost.

Cycling in Norway

Cycling in Norway is a different experience. The terrain, weather conditions and natural landscapes have a major impact on the experience. Those who go on a cycling holiday to Norway can decide to bring their own bicycle. However, taking the e-bike as a piece of luggage with you on the plane is not advisable. It is not practical to take the bicycle as a piece of luggage and it is too heavy. Anyone who nevertheless decides to take the bicycle runs the risk that the bicycle will arrive damaged or that it will not arrive at the correct destination due to a short stopover. Renting an electric bicycle at your holiday address offers a solution. Of course you can also take the bike by camper or by car.

E-mountain biking in Ålesund

Last summer I was in Ålesund to test an e-mountain bike from Cannondale. It was the first time that I was on an electric mountain bike. Frankly it took some getting used to. I followed the instruction on the use of the cycling computer carefully. The 3 positions (Eco, Sport and Boost) increasingly offer pedal support and the cycling computer indicates the range. Quite easy .. and I cycled out of the outdoor sports shop! Located on the west coast, Ålesund consists of several islands, hills and viewpoints. Perfect for testing. As Norway has no flat roads, the first hill arrived soon. Where I would normally switch back and slow down, I now easily kept up the same pace and so I went up the hill. In the Eco mode I see that I can still travel 90 km. This is great cycling and I get used to it very quickly. The operation is easy and I notice that I am enjoying the surroundings more consciously. The rolling terrain with parts between 5% and 8% increase are a pleasure to take with the e-bike. At the end of the afternoon I cycled more than 3 hours and am fresh enough to take another walk.

What to look for with an e-bike on a cycling holiday?

The benefits are clear. What to watch out for then? In any case, it is important that the bicycle is suitable for the terrain. If you are going to cycle for several days, always inquire about the condition of the roads. The cycle paths sometimes stop spontaneously, turn into motorways or gravel paths. In addition, the battery is important. The heavier the battery, the greater the radius of action of the bicycle. Make sure the battery has a minimum of 400W / h so that you can cycle between 80 – 110 km with luggage on a full battery. The more power the battery delivers, the faster it is empty. A light pedal support in the Eco position ensures a low pedal pressure and low battery power. Cycling fast with a headwind also costs the battery more power. The air resistance increases proportionally more which costs more electricity. Cycle wisely and therefore choose a light gear bike to keep the range optimal.

The photo shows the Merida E SPresso 900 EQ. The bicycle has a 417 W / h battery, 10 gears, a suspension fork and hydraulic disc brakes. The waterproof Ortlieb bags are great for transporting the luggage. These bicycles are used in the 600 km bicycle journey from Tromsø to the Lofoten.

Cycling from Tromso to the Lofoten

The islands north of the Arctic Circle are perfect for a cycling trip. The 600 km route is sloping and goes over asphalted terrain which is easy to do with the bicycle. Due to the distances and the changeable weather, the e-bike is a great solution to make this route accessible to more people. Read more about this route on this page.

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