Pearls of Norway

The country known for the Nobel Peace Prize and supplier of talented football players. Politically stable and against the boring … or not? More and more Dutch people see Norway as a holiday destination. Slowly the destination shifts up and it is no longer those gray neighbors in a camper that are heading north. Norway is discovered by hip Millennials who want to see the world. Thanks to instagram, picturesque places of fjords and mountain tops conquer our tablets and phones. Whoever delves into this special country with a rich history will find out why this country has an attraction as a magnet for adventurers and bon vivants. Below a number of gems of this country.

The Preikestolen

Champion of all nature sights in Norway. The name refers to a rock in the west of the country and towers over 600 meters above the Lysefjord. Named by the Lonely Planet in 2015 as one of the most extraordinary viewpoints in the world. Begin the walk early in the morning to stay ahead of the crowd and experience the magic of the rising sun. Don’t be afraid of the daredevils who come here to base-jump.

The fjords

The landscape in western Norway is characterized by the many fjords and the surrounding mountain ranges. The glaciers and countless mountain lakes lead to beautiful waterfalls that end up in these sea arms. Some fjords extend up to 200 km inland and are more than a kilometer deep. No surprise whatsoever that the National Geographic Society declared the Naero Fjord the most important World Natural Heritage Site in 2005.

The mountains of Jotumheimen

This National Park in the High Mountains of Norway is a true hiker’s paradise. The Norwegians are happy to go out on their own for a multi-day walk in this unspoilt nature area. With 3,500 square kilometers, the area is more than seven times as large as Texel. Marked routes lead hikers across the mountain tops and past cold mountain lakes. Spend the night in unmanned wooden huts and share your experiences with other mountain hikers. The real daring here climb the highest mountain in Norway, the Galdhoppigen with 2,469 altimeters.

The Lofoten

Located above the polar circle, six large islands form the Lofoten together. Whoever comes by ferry from the mainland sees a wall of pointed mountain peaks looming in the distance. The whimsical landscape is surrounded by fish-rich waters that feast on sea eagles and orcas. There are many fishing villages on the islands where it is possible to spend the night in a Rorbu, traditional fisherman’s cabin. In addition to hiking, mountain biking and fishing, you can also go diving, surfing and rafting. Experience the midnight sun in the summer or visit this place in the winter to see the magical northern lights. A visit to the Lofoten leaves no one untouched. Or, as the Lonely Planet puts it, “The beauty of these islands is simply incomprehensible.”


In central Norway, next to the Hardangervidda National Park, there is a cycle route of over 80 km over the high mountains. The road was used to construct a railway line from Bergen to Oslo at the end of the 19th century. Now it is the most popular cycle route in Norway, but relatively unknown to the foreign public. Leave the civilization in Haugastol and cycle up the mountains up to 1,300 meters above sea level. Enjoy the rugged landscape and beautiful waterfalls, but be well prepared for the low temperatures. Halfway through the route it is possible to spend the night in a log cabin or hotel. For the cycling enthusiast a great experience to discover Norway!

Photo: Johan Wildhagen VisitNorway

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