Holiday to Norway?

In the list of most popular holiday destinations, we see Norway somewhere in the top 20. Around 200,000 Dutch people choose to go on holiday every year and the number is increasing. Popular areas, according to Tripadvisor, are Oslo, Tromsø in the north and Bergen on the coast. Tourists indicate nature as the main reason to go on holiday. We like to go there to see the fjords, admire the Northern Lights or for a skiing holiday. The polder is therefore in stark contrast to the impressive mountain landscape and the many National Parks where you can find all the peace and space.

Nature: fjords, glaciers and mountains

Named National Geographic as the most beautiful unspoilt travel destination in the world. The deeply incised coves on the coast with mountain walls that rise high from the water impress the nature lover. Fjords like the Nærøfjord or the Geirangerfjord are beloved places for tourists and because of their beauty are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The landscape is further characterized by vast plateaus, blue glaciers and dense forests where moose move freely. Above the polar circle is the rugged tundra landscape where the sun sets the rhythm of the day.

Norway is closer than you think

Whoever goes to Norway by car can check in at the ferry in Denmark early in the day. The crossing is relaxing and the coastline is beautiful to see upon arrival. In 3 hours by boat you will arrive in Kristiansand or you choose to dock more to the north at Stavanger or Bergen. With the fjord landscape, the south is an ideal introduction to the country. By car you can easily reach famous sights such as the Preikestolen or the Kjerag. An alternative way of traveling for those who do not have a car is the Hurtigruten. This cruise departs daily from Bergen to dock in Kirkenes after 7 days and 17 stops. An efficient way to see the beautiful coastline and fjords!

Norway is a safe country

When determining our destination, the safety aspect has become increasingly important. Conflict areas are avoided despite the beautiful climate and white beaches. Those who travel want relaxation, fun and new experiences. Anyone who is outside in Norwegian nature will experience peace and space. Good education, high wages and a strong social system in which inequality is minimal contributes to a safe climate.

Norway has become cheaper.

The price-conscious holiday maker will nowadays consider Scandinavia as a destination rather than a few years ago. Where in 2013 you still received around 7.5 Norwegian Kroner for your euro, in 2018 it became almost 10 Kroner. Very nice! Nevertheless, many products that are difficult to obtain or that are highly taxed remain extremely expensive, such as vegetables, fruit and alcohol. Photo: Chris Craggs, Nordnorge.com

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