Het Aurora effect..

Polarlight has something magical … A show that is given by mother nature at any time. Dancing colors in the sky that constantly change color and shape provide a hypnotic effect. Are you lucky and do you belong to the public? Then you keep watching. Bright green arches interspersed with orange streaks. Even though the Mona Lisa would stand in front of you, your eyes will look in a different direction. The weather gods demand your attention.

Myths about the Northern Lights

In the quest of humanity to explain the natural phenomenon, you come across the most extraordinary stories. The mystical lights that discolor the starry sky is a source of inspiration for many. For example, fishermen in northern Sweden thought that the light was caused by a school of herring, the brighter the lights were observed, the greater the chance of a good catch. Often the intense colors inspired peoples fears and the red streaks in the sky were signs of war. The Sami children in northern Scandinavia are taught not to whistle and to point to aurora. They believe that the aurora is a reflection of deceased spirits and you shouldn’t make them angry. A child who nevertheless points can be taken along.


The Norwegian scientist Kristian Birkeland was so fascinated by it that in 1899 he had an observatory built on a remote spot on top of a mountain near Tromsø. He was the first scientist to make the connection between aurora and the sun. The professor showed an experiment to his students that electrically charged solar particles are attracted by the earth’s magnetic fields that ignite at height. The energy released can be observed in the form of an oval above both poles on the earth. Are you going to Lapland this winter? Let yourself be taken into a world of myths and stories about this beautiful natural phenomenon. The Aurora Sky Station in Abisko, Sweden, is a must to visit. From this vantage point you have a good chance to admire aurora. In bad weather, lectures are given about the phenomenon and the latest insights from science are shared with you. And if you are lucky enough to see aurora … think carefully before you start pointing enthusiastically. You never know!

Photo: Gaute Bruvik VisitNorway

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