Dovrefjell Norway, with a champion on the road.

Professional adventurer Jolanda Linschoten describes Dovrefjell in her book “Mountain Tours in Norway” as a timeless mountain area, an ancient landscape that has never really been changed by human intervention. ” No word was lied to. In April 2017 I am here with an acquaintance to explore the area for an organized trip. A 220 km cycle tour is planned from the ski resort of Oppdal to Åndalsnes. The meandering Rauma river flows here into the Romsdalfjorden, from where you look out over the islands in the ocean. Inland, the valley with its steep mountain walls is an oasis of tranquility compared to mass tourism in the well-known National Parks Jotunheimen and Hardangervidda.

Dovrefjell-Sunndalsøra National Park

Together with Sunndalsøra, Dovrefjell forms a large National Park located in the middle of Norway.Known for the 4 pointed snowy mountain Snøhetta that overlooks the rolling mountain landscape, winding rivers and herds of musk oxen. It is late April and not the most ideal period for cycling in central Norway. I like the idea of ​​an optimistic tour guide. 200 km south of Trondheim on a granite mountain plateau, Peder Hagen comes smilingly with the mountain bikes. Outside, the light is snowing and the frozen ground makes it impossible to continue our plans. The owner of a sports shop appears to be a regional name. The willing Norwegian won the national championship relay skiing in 1983. We cover the route with his SUV and Peder is approached and greeted at every stop. Full of enthusiasm he tells us about the landscape. The last Ice Age has left its mark. Wide U-shaped valleys, deep fjords and leftover ice in the form of glaciers are the result. At Åmotan, for example, 7 rivers from different regions come together in 3 waterfalls. The water crashes hundreds of meters from the high plateau where it ends up in the Rauma river.


Once we reach the Eikesdalenfjord we see the Aursjøvegen in the distance. An unpaved path of 70 km in total that crosses the mountains with dizzying altitudes of up to 15%. The view above must be fantastic and is praised in many travel brochures. The cold wraps around me like a blanket and I jump back into the jeep. This area is the site of wild reindeer, moose, arctic foxes and herds of musk oxen in the mountains that look frightening. You can undertake various activities from Åndalsnes. The hike to Romsdaleggen is a must. After a challenging climb you walk over the ridge of the mountain and you have amazing views of the surroundings. The train journey back to Trondheim is with the Rauma Railway and goes straight through the wild mountain landscape. Enjoy!

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