Northern lights in Sweden

The winter months in Northern Scandinavia are the most suitable period to admire this natural phenomenon. The days are getting shorter and the Scandinavian light over the white landscape makes the landscape magical. In the middle of the night when the conditions are good, nature can suddenly show the northern lights. Rings of blue, purple and red dance through the sky and take different forms. It is a special experience to stare at the sky outside in -20 degrees! Abisko is a small village in a National Park in the north of Sweden and a perfect place to see the northern lights.

Snowmobile ride and husky tours in Abisko

Located on the frozen Tornetrask lake, Abisko is a beautiful village in the middle of an untouched nature reserve. The landscape can best be described as fairy-tale and mystical. The frozen lake and the wide valleys that are buried under a pack of snow make this all a truly Scandinavian winter experience. Put together your own dream trip here. Go ice fishing on the lake, ice climbing on a frozen waterfall, snowmobiling, visit a Sami camp or go to the impressive Ice Hotel! Unwind completely in a sauna and enjoy the delicious local food in the evening. A trip to Lapland in the winter is an extreme experience and will stay with you for a long time.


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