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Travel agreement
The travel agreement is established by accepting the offer of the tour operator by the traveler. A traveler who enters into a travel agreement on behalf of or for (a) different traveler (s) is jointly and severally liable for all obligations arising therefrom. The other travelers are each responsible for their own part.

Reservations can be made by e-mail, the digital booking form on the website or by e-mail to vragen@abel-reizen.nl. The booking of the trip is final upon receipt of a booking confirmation within 2 weeks. The traveler is obliged to let us know personal circumstances that influence the performance of the trip (such as illness, medicine use, disability) at the time of booking.

Upon receipt of the booking confirmation, the traveler must pay a deposit, the amount depending of the sum of the booked trip. This amount must be transferred to the account of Foundation third-party funds Certo Escrow within 2 weeks after receipt of the invoice. A link in the confirmation email gives instructions. The remainder of the travel sum must be paid no later than six weeks before the start date of the trip.
When booking a trip eight weeks, or shorter before departure, the entire travel sum, must be transferred at once, within 2 weeks after receipt of the invoice. Late payment can, after summons, lead to immediate cancellation of the travel agreement by the travel organization.

Travel sum
The published travel sums are per person and only include the services and facilities as described in the arrangements of the travel organizer. The published travel prices are based on the prices, exchange rates, fuel prices, levies and taxes as known to the tour operator at the time of making the publication. The tour operator reserves the right to increase the travel sum in case of radical price increases. The traveler will be informed of this in writing as soon as possible. The traveler has the right to cancel free of charge within 2 weeks for a price increase of more than 10%.

Travel guarantee
The travel guarantee guarantees travelers who have paid in advance that in case of financial failure of the travel organizer or when his obligations cannot be met after the traveler receives the travel sum. This is a legal regulation that applies to all travel organizations. Abel reizen is affiliated with Foundation Take Over (STO). At the confirmation of the booking, the (advance) payment of the travel sum goes to Foundation third-party funds Certo Escrow. The travel sum is guaranteed here until the trip is over and 1 day after the trip the travel sum is transferred to the travel organization. In the event of Abel’s financial inability to travel, the traveler can call on the STO to recover his travel sum.

Travel time and itinerary
Changes in the schedules of transport companies may affect the travel time. The traveler is not entitled to a refund of part of the travel sum as a result of these changes. The traveler can also not claim compensation for damages due to delays.

Itinerary changes
Unforeseen local circumstances and the adventurous nature of the trips offered by the tour operator may lead to adjustments to the travel program before or during the trip. This may also be the case in cases of force majeure such as political circumstances, war, natural disasters, weather conditions, general strikes etc. The travel organizer will ensure that the original character of the trip will be maintained as much as possible. If the changes are known before the start of the trip, the traveler will be informed accordingly. During the trip, a change will be communicated in consultation with the customer. If the traveler deviates from the program as sent in the travel documents, then the additional costs are for the customer. Existing reservations at accommodations, transport companies and activity centers cannot be rebooked by the traveler without the permission of Abel reizen. If the traveler decides to deviate from the program as sent in the itinerary documents, no refund can be made of the travel sum.

Cancellation by the traveler
Cancellation of the travel contract by the traveler must be made in writing or by email. The receiving date of the letter or email of cancellation applies as the cancellation date. In the event of cancellation, the traveler will owe the following amounts and any costs already incurred by the travel organization:

  • 10 weeks before departure: no costs will be charged
  • Between 8 and 10 weeks before departure: 10% of the travel sum
  • Between 4 to 8 weeks before departure: 30% of the travel sum
  • Between 2 to 4 weeks before departure: 50% of the travel sum
  • Between 1 and 2 weeks before departure: 90% of the travel sum
  • From 7 days before departure to the day of departure: 100% of the travel sum

After booking, the customer can cancel free of charge within a period of 7 working days, unless costs have been made by Abel reizen.

Alteration fees
If the traveler makes a change in the date of departure or the number of participants in the booking, the additional costs will be calculated and invoiced to the main booker as known to the tour operator.

Travel documents and information
The traveler must be in possession of all required, valid documents upon departure. The tour operator is not liable if the traveler cannot participate in the trip, or parts thereof, as a result of shortcomings in his travel documents. The tour operator is not liable for loss, damage or loss of baggage, travel documents and travel documents. The traveler must go through the information about the journey in the travel documents and be informed of the itinerary and the route.

Vaccinations and medicines
Information about visas and vaccinations should always be checked by the traveler at the relevant authorities and institutions.

The traveler is obliged to take out travel insurance. This is to enable the tour operator to provide all necessary and mandatory assistance to the traveler in distress. In addition, it is wise to also take out cancellation insurance and check the health insurance for medical cases during the trip.

The tour operator is liable for a proper execution of the trip according to the travel agreement. When assessing this, account must also be taken of the local (weather) circumstances, habits, customs and restrictions of the destination and the nature of the journey.

The tour operator is not liable for damage resulting from:

  • Shortcomings in the execution of the travel agreement based on circumstances attributable to the traveler, including damage resulting from the health condition of the traveler
  • Acting third parties as accommodation and / or transport companies
  • Circumstances that are not due to the fault of the travel organization
  • Force majeure situations such as: natural disasters, wars, political unrest, strikes, transport schedule changes
  • Theft, loss, damage to property
  • Illness of the traveler

The travel organization does not accept any liability for damage for which travel and / or cancellation insurance policies offer cover. In the event that the travel organization can be held liable for loss of travel enjoyment, or for damage suffered by the traveler in the exercise of his profession or business, the compensation will never exceed a maximum of one time the travel sum minus the costs incurred.

Obligations of the traveler
The traveler is obliged to follow all instructions to promote a good travel performance of the travel organizer. The traveler is liable for damage caused by non-compliance with this obligation.

Any complaints must always be discussed by telephone via the telephone number of Abel reizen, if no satisfactory solution is found or at the discretion of the traveler, the traveler must submit this complaint within four weeks after the end of the trip to the travel organizer.

Website price changes
Abel reizen reserves the right to pass on any changes to the transport companies, taxes, duties and exchange rates due. New prices will be announced on the website as soon as possible.

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