Northernlight in Sweden this winter?

Northernlights this winter?

In almost every conversation about a Scandinavian winter trip, the question does arise. Where can you best see the Northern Lights and in which period? It would of course be ideal to have 1 destination where the polar lights can always be seen every year. Holiday with Aurora guarantee! You book a long weekend to this place with a stay in a hotel room with an Aurora view. That would again be a room with a view … however, the reality is different. The natural phenomenon is elusive and therefore it retains its mystical meaning. But how do you increase the chance of seeing the northern lights during your vacation?

Where can the Northern lights best be seen?

The magnetic field above the north pole is responsible for the magical colors that can be seen from the ground. When charged solar particles fly into the atmosphere, they come into contact with oxygen and nitrogen molecules. The energy released leads to colors that light up the sky. The magnetic field is strongest between 66 and 69 degrees north latitude. If you are going on a northern lights holiday, it is therefore advisable to grab the atlas or a good map. The polar circle crosses Iceland, in Norway near Bodø, in Sweden the Sami city of Jokkmokk and in Finand Rovaniemi is almost on the polar circle. In a solar storm it is possible to see Aurora even from the Netherlands on a clear night in a place with little artificial light, for example from the Wadden Islands. However, this is rare.

The best time to see the northern lights?

Although the sun provides Aurora all year round, it is not always perceptible. From the end of August it is already possible to see the northern lights. Clear nights and little or no artificial light in the area increase the chance of seeing the light. At night when it is dark without clouds, Aurora can suddenly come up. In December the sun does not rise and it stays dark. However, due to the light of the stars reflected off the white snow fields, it will never be pitch dark. February and March are good months to go to combine the northern lights with other winter activities because the days are getting longer again. Nature plays with the colors in the arctic landscape, which is wonderful to see.

Destinations Northern lights traveling through Abel reizen?

From Abel trips there are various well-organized trips to Sweden and Finland. View the following page for inspiration: https://www.abel-reizen.nl/noorderlicht-reizen/

Photo by Aurora Sky Station, Bjorkliden Sweden

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