E-bike Senja, Vesterålen and Lofoten

  • Cycle along steep mountains
  • Relish in the serenity and space
  • Discover the island of Senja
  • Interchange between cycling and walking
  • 600 km cycling fun
  • Support from the e-bike up to 25 k/h
Full pension
  • Merida E-Spresso e-bike 418 Wh
  • Ortlieb waterproof bags front and rear
  • Including GPX files
  • Description
  • Accommodation
  • Including
  • Map
  • Price information

E-bike cycling holiday (self guided) Tromsø – Senja – Lofoten

The cycling trip takes place over the green islands of Senja, Vesterålen and Lofoten, north of the polar circle. The starting point of the route is Tromsø and the end point is Stamsund on the island of Moskenesøya of the Lofoten. From here the Hurtigruten goes back along the coast to Tromsø in the night and morning. In total, the route is approximately 650 bicycle kilometers spread over 18 days. Of these 18 days, 8 bicycle-free days have been planned in order to optimally enjoy the landscape. A GPX file with the route is included and a marked map so that you can easily navigate to the accommodation.

The islands form a submerged mountainrange of which only the tops can be seen protruding from the sea. The island mountains remained mostly ice free during the last Ice Age. As opposed to the typical Norwegian round mountains on the mainland (fjell), the mountains here are (very) rugged with sharp sides and deep gorges. The versatile nature of the landscape will ensure a spectacular cycling experience here.

The e-bike is of the brand Merida. It is a touring bike with multiple options to support cycling up to 25 km/h. When the battery is fully charged, its range lies between 80 and 120 km, depending on the terrain, altitude, weather conditions and position. Along with the bike, you will receive a reflective vest to make sure you are visible at all times during the cycling tour, including in the tunnels. It is possible to take various Ortlieb bags with you. These bicycle bags have a capacity of 12,5 litres, or 20 litres for the bags on the back and 5 litres for the handlebar bags.

The bikes are supplied by Tromsø Outdoor; a specialist in summer and winter outdoor activities.

For whom?
Cyclists with experience who love being outdoors and have an adventurous attitude. The weather has a major impact on the travel experience, so good clothing is required. If you want to know more call or email us. You can read a personal report about the experiences of Roel and Aartje here. The e-bikes can be supplied for people with a length of 150 to 200 cm. The bicycle trip is suitable for parents with children (min. Age 12 is recommended).

Price indication

Days: 18 (10 cycling days and 8 rest and travel days)

Including: rent e-bikes with watertight bags, accommodations (self-catering cabins or small hotels) and Hurtigruten tickets.

Indication costs for 2 people: € 5,200 – € 5,300

photo: Senja, photographer: Reiner Schaufler, VisitNorway


Witness the midnight sun

The islands are located so far north that the sun does not set between mid-May and June. It is truly a remarkable experience to watch the setting sun become the rising sun in the middle of the night. The red and yellow painted Norwegian sea is a spectacular view to behold.


The second largest island in Norway is home to a large variety of landscapes and shows enormous contrasts. The east of the green island is forested, whereas the west coast consists of deep fjords, rugged mountain tops and a craggy coast. The island remains relatively unknown to most, which means you won’t be running into a lot of people here.

Reine on the Lofoten

The fisherman’s town of Reine is situated on the west side of the Lofoton. The red and white wooden houses with a backdrop of granite mountain tops make for some stunning views. Many find this the most beautiful destination of the tour. The area lends itself perfectly to many activities and sights to see. Climb one of the mountain tops here to enjoy the view, or take the ferry to a secluded beach for a walk. It is also possible to spot killer whales and sea eagles here.


During the cycling tour you will be staying in different types of accommodation, ranging from self-catering cabins to hotels with a view onto the Norwegian Sea and the mountain tops protruding from the water. Availability will be looked at for each trip and tailored to the customer’s request as much as possible. The distance between accommodations is never more than 80 km, which allows for ample time to get there in the afternoon and thus ensure a relaxed cycling tour. The self-catering cabins are equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and patio with a view onto the surroundings. The cabins come with clean linen and towels. If you wish, you can place an extra order for breakfast. Should there be any dietary requests or allergies, please notify us through mail. Every accommodation has electricity so that the e-bike can be recharged.

photo: Self-catering cabin ‘Kjellebua’ Rorbuer |Reine (Lofoten)

Abel Reizen - Unieke reizen naar Scandinavië. Routes voor auto- en fietsreizen naar Noorwegen en Zweden


  • Rent Merida e-bike E-Spresso Tour incl. Waterproof Ortlieb bags, helmet, vest, repair kit and lock
  • Hurtigruten tickets
  • Accommodation (prefer self-catering cabins)
  • GPX files
  • Directions with marked bicycle map
  • Packing list, list of shops with opening times on route and tips for hiking (short and long)


  • Transport from and to Tromsø
  • Ferry crossings
  • meals (breakfast on request)
  • Travel and or cancellation insurance
Abel Reizen - Unieke reizen naar Scandinavië. Routes voor auto- en fietsreizen naar Noorwegen en Zweden
  • Number of persons
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • Prijs
  • € 2600
  • € 2600
  • € 2600
Stay visible on the road
Paved roads
Botnhamn Senja
Mountain range along the coast
Green landscape
Midnight sun

E-bike Senja, Vesterålen and Lofoten

  • Norway
  • 18 days
  • max. 4 persons
  • departure May to September
  • starting from €2600
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