Svolvær to Reine Lofoten

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  • Whales and raptorial birds
  • Various landscapes
  • Own bike or rental bike
  • Combine cycling with walking
  • Additional excursions possible
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Cycling holiday Svolvær to Reine

Cycling on the Lofoten is a unique nature experience. This destination is on the bucket list for many cyclists. Rightly so! The island kingdom above the Arctic Circle is full of surprising mountain ranges and secluded white beaches. The fjords and the sea are bursting with cod and mackerel, making this the habitat of predators such as orcas and sea eagles. Fishing has brought prosperity to the residents here for generations. Along the roads there are many wooden racks where dried stockfish is waiting to be transported abroad. Cycling on the islands of Lofoten is one big adventure with an intense nature experience. The total distance by bike on the Lofoten from Svolvær to Moskenes is 150 to 160 km. Along the way there is enough time to alternate cycling with walks or sea kayaking or a whale safari. Discover the Lofoten islands with this 8-day cycling holiday. The 8 days consist of 2 travel days, 4 cycling days and 2 rest days to alternate cycling with other activities. An extra night is always possible

Lofoten by bike?

The bicycle is the ideal means of transport to experience the Lofoten. You experience the space and tranquility of nature differently than when you go on the highway by car or camper. The islands are connected with modern bridges and long tunnels and open for bicycle traffic. The roads are in good condition, which makes cycling safe and comfortable. You cycle along the pointed mountains through small villages, beaches, fjords and the Norwegian Sea. The distances are between 30 and 60 km per day. Do you want to know how cyclists experience a journey? Then read the report by Roel and Aartje who have written a nice report. Your luggage stays with you and goes in waterproof bags. Given that the cabins have bed linen, towels and often a kitchen (not a hotel room) with cooking equipment, you do not have to carry a lot of luggage.

Stay overnight in the most beautiful locations!

Spend the night in a fisherman’s cabin, apartment or a small hotel room on the coast and enjoy the surroundings. The view of a fjord or the Norwegian Sea from the cabin is beautiful. Many cabins have been brought in original condition. That makes an overnight stay a unique experience. Each cabin is spacious and has its own bathroom, towels and bed linen. As a result, the packing remains minimal, which means that the bicycles are lightly loaded.


Midnight sun in June

The Lofoten islands are located so far north that the sun does not set during mid-May and June. It is a truly a remarkable experience to watch the setting sun become the rising sun in the middle of the night. The red and yellow painted Norwegian Sea is a spectacular view to behold and one to remember a lifetime.


The ferry from Bodø takes you to the capital city of the Lofoten, home to a mere 4,000 habitants and the gateway to the Lofoten. Surrounded by steep mountains, life fully revolves around fishing and tourism. The city’s rich history and typical authentic characteristics are mixed with the modern architecture of newer buildings. The typically red wooden fishermen cabins ‘rorbuer’ in which fishermen used to spend the night revive old times.


The fisherman village of Reine is situated on the west side of the Lofoten. The red and white wooden houses with a backdrop of granite mountain tops make for some stunning views. Many find this the most beautiful destination of the tour. The area lends itself perfectly to many activities and sights to see. Climb one of the mountain tops here to enjoy the view, or take the ferry to a secluded beach for a walk. It is also possible to spot killer whales and sea eagles here.

Historical fisherman villages

For centuries, the waters that are rich with fish have been attracting fishermen who try their luck here. The wooden houses are mostly built on stilts and still show what life used to be like for people who lived and traded here. The age-old tradition of drying cod on sticks is still performed up until today. Along the road you will see many wooden structures with fish drying on them. This type of fish is a delicacy in Spain and Italy. Spend the night in a rorbuer in the historical fisherman town of Nusfjord, which is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Day 1
1Ferry Bodø – Svolvær

From the airport of Bodø it is only a short walk to the centre. The ferry leaves in the afternoon and arrives at Svolvær in the evening. The crossing is beautiful and takes you along a number of small islands. If you look into the distance, you will see the impressive mountains of the Lofoten slowly appear. Enjoy the crossing and with a bit of luck you will be able to spot some dolphins and/or sea eagles. Once arrived in Svolvær the accommodation isn’t far and is easy to locate.

2Svolvær – Henningsvær 30 km

Today you will be cycling to the old fisherman town of Henningsvær. Pay a visit to the wooden fisherman cabins and behold the fishing racks along the road. This is also the place to try some of the delicacies from the Norwegian cuisine. Along the way you will pass the small beach of Rørvika. The relatively warm water makes it possible to enjoy a nice swim with good weather. The accommodation for the night is a beautiful rorbu (a traditional fisherman’s cabin) in Henningsvær. The surroundings lend themselves perfectly for a wonderful walk, for example to the Lyngvaerfjellet; a coastal mountaintop at an altitude of 638 metres.

3Henningsvær – Brustranda 45 km

A quiet day in which you can opt to visit the island of Gimsøy. The island hosts Norwegian holiday homes mostly and an occasional exhibition with local art. The islands are interconnected with modern-day bridges. As soon as you have arrived on the island of Vestvågøy, you will be leaving the main road to take the provincial road to reach the accommodation for the night.

4Resting day

An extra day on the island of  Vestvågøy.

5Rolfsfjord – Ramberg 45 km

The north coast of the island is definitely worth a visit, as it sports a few remote white beaches. High mountains all around and a low position of the sun in the evening make for incredibly beautiful surroundings. Leave the paved road to a number of campervans that will take you over the white beach to find peace and quiet and above all, a magnificent view. At one of the beaches it is also possible to go surfing. You do not need to have previous experience for this and you will be provided with equipment. There is also a hot tub and a sauna to warm up after this arctic experience.

6Ramberg– Reine 45 km

Today you will be cycling to possibly the most beautiful spot of the Lofoten, called Reine. You are leaving the inland and fjords behind to cycle along the North Sea. It pays to stop right outside of Reine, at Hamnøya. This is where the fjords and sea intersect. Looking over the edge of the fjords you are able to see mountain ranges of up to 800 metres tall protruding from the water. With good weather, it is recommended to walk to Reinebringen, a mountain top of 448 metres with spectacular views onto the surroundings.


Extra day on the beautiful island of Moskenesoya.

8Ferry Moskenes – Bodø

Today will be the day to take the ferry to Bodø. Make sure to be in Moskenes on time to be able to make the crossing to Bodø. The ferry leaves at 7 am and arrives at 10:15 am. You can return the rental bike within walking distance of the ferry. If you prefer to stay in Reine for an extra day to explore the surroundings further, this of course is very much possible.

Day 1
1Svolvær - apartment

Near the center of Svolvær this place is ideal to start the holiday. The accommodation has a beautiful location in a sunny spot on the water with a view of the harbor and the mountains. You spend the night in an hut or apartment on wooden posts on a jetty with a terrace. The stay is equipped for 2 people and has a double bed. There is a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room.

2Henningsvær - cabin or hotelroom

Henningsvær  Rorbuer consists of several wooden fishing huts that have been modernized over the years. The cabins stand on wooden posts in the sea and are surrounded by mountains. The cabins are approximately 25 m2 and have their own kitchen and bathroom. Outside there is a wooden terrace from where you have a good view of the mountains and the sea. A sauna and hot tub are available to use at an additional cost. There is a separate bedroom but it is also possible to sleep in the loft (open loft space).

If a cabin is not possible a hotelroom will be booked instead.

3Rolfsfjord - campsite (cabin)

On the south side of the island of Vestvågøy, this campsite is located in a cove of the sea and surrounded by mountains. The campsite offers space for campers, caravans, tents and has several log cabins. The residence is a wooden house with simple layout and its own kitchen and (small) living room. Located on the water with a beautiful view.

4Rolfsfjord - campsite (cabin)

Same campsite.

5Skagen campsite (cabin)

North of the island of Flakstadoya is Skagen campsite. Several cabins here have a beautiful view of the beach. A holiday home or a spacious cabin (4 people) is reserved here. Ideal location for seeing a sunset or maybe the midnight sun!

6Reine - cabin (rorbuer)

The overnight stay is in a comfortable 2-person wooden fishing hut by the Reinefjord and the harbor. The cabin has its own kitchen and bathroom and is very comfortable. Outside there is a patio with a terrace where you can enjoy the surroundings.

7Reine - cabin (rorbuer)

Same stay in Reine.


  • Rental bike including helmut and repair kit
  • Ferry Bodø – Svolvaer
  • 7 x staying in a selfcatering cabin or small hotel
  • Marked cycling map 1:100.000
  • Packing list


  • Getting to Bodø
  • Ferry Moskenes – Bodø
  • Meals
  • Travel insurance
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  • Number of persons
  • 2
  • Prijs
  • € 1250

Svolvær to Reine Lofoten

  • Norway
  • 8 days
  • max. 4 persons
  • departure May to September
  • starting from €1250
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