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The origins of Abel…

Discovering Scandinavia’s nature is a truly remarkable experience. The mighty mountain ranges, the deep fjords and enormous glaciers leave no one untouched. A trip to Norway is like an adventure you want to be prepared for. The destinations high up north are incredibly attractive to the adventurous traveller, yet there are few people who actually do choose this unknown area.

                                                                 …..Tailor-made travels and advice….

Many summers I have taken travelers and discovered countries. As a travel guide I took them under my care and brought them to the most beautiful places in Europe. It is great to be part of a journey of discovery. Abel gives travelers the opportunity to tailor a journey for their own journey of discovery to the far north.

The future?

Each year the travels on offer will be expanded by new trips in which nature, freedom and comfort meet. Abel Travels continues to find inspiration to pass on the most beautiful experiences to the individual traveller. Turn your holiday into an adventure.


Owner Daan Remijnse

I love to help you

Abel Reizen - Unieke reizen naar Scandinavië. Routes voor auto- en fietsreizen naar Noorwegen en Zweden
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Abel Reizen is...

  • an enthusiastic remote guide.
  • a travel consultant who listens to your wishes.
  • a specialist in Scandinavia
  • a travel organization for nature lovers.
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