Scandinavia XL event is introduced to Abel reizen

Scandinavia XL event is introduced to Abel reizen

The annual trade fair of Scandinavia XL attracts many visitors. Those who have been to Scandinavia keep returning. It is a hunger that cannot be stopped. The acquired impressions of landscapes, the wonder about natural phenomena and encounters with rich history are responsible for this. The contrast with our country where every m2 has been thought about is great. The cold north attracts attention and requires discovery. We are only too happy to look for inspiration in the Netherlands and exchange experiences about new destinations. Upon arrival at the exhibition space in Hoevelaken, it is immediately clear where the entrance is. Huge motorhomes with standing banners of Norway flags are next door. The motorhome is extremely popular among traveling Dutch people traveling straight through the north. My mission? Leave the camper and car at home and discover Scandinavia by bike!

The day before and the morning the exhibitors set up everything and beautifully decorated it. Reindeer skins, musicians, Swedish delicacies, Norwegian art and the many banners of travel organizations with the most beautiful photos. The atmosphere is great. As a specialist in customized cycling holidays in Norway, I have arranged a Merida e-bike. The brand new bike stands out and attracts a lot of attention. No brochure, but a travel report and a photo album of existing customers are on the table ready to be viewed. The stands are arranged so that people can make a round and see all the stands. Many people remain questioning while cycling … and an interesting conversation arises. I am curious and eager to listen to my story about e-bike travel. Where? What are the roads like? And what about the children? The photos of the arctic coastal route of Norway are carefully watched. Exchanging the comfort of the camper for the comfort of the e-bike is too much for some. Nevertheless, a business card is included ..

Presentation e-bike travel Norway

My presentation about 2 cycling routes on the coast is well received. I enthusiastically tell about my pioneering journeys and take the audience with me in my story. I talk about new destinations, day distances, ferry crossings and try to put the travel experience of cycling into words. Supported with photos and videos from my customers, the room is enthusiastic. No ready-made vacations in a resort or a fly and drive through Fjord Norway where people from full parking places do the popular hikes and photograph must-see places. Experience unspoilt, wild and adventurous Norway by bike. I repeat my mission and conclude with the message that my routes are a journey and not a vacation. There is enthusiasm for tailor-made cycling trips for small groups…. that much is clear.

Lofoten, the most beautiful islands?

Many questions are about the Lofoten island group. There are several mountainous islands about 250 km from the coast of Bodø that are now well known. The white sandy beaches, the cliffs and the green cartel-like mountains that shoot into the sky from the sea appeals to the imagination. For centuries the archipelago has been a favorite place for artists and writers in search of tranquility and inspiration, but also a popular holiday resort for many heads of state. The German emperor Wilhem 2 was regularly in the north for relaxation. In 2007 all islands were officially connected with tunnels and bridges, which means that the E10 can go from the westernmost village of Å to the mainland. Since then, residents can trade more and move more easily. Tourism has since been booming business. Cars, campers and heavy traffic follow the National Tourist Route for approximately 200 km to their final destination. Tourist traffic stops at the designated parking places for a Kodak moment. The cyclists deviate from the beaten track and have plenty of time to visit the smaller islands. Those who have several weeks to leave the E10 and head north to Vesterålen and Senja. Here you will find space and tranquility. It’s a good thing that Scandinavia is so big … there is so much unspoiled nature.

The challenge?

The Scandinavian cyclist knows it .. the more north you go the rougher and calmer it gets with the North Cape as its final destination. However, the camper fan is not only loyal and in love with Scandinavia, but also with his means of transport. It will be many interesting conversations to see that the e-bike is also a fantastic way to travel comfortably through the country with a minimal impact on nature. At least I am ready for it.

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